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Pipes are sheathed by Nolco-Rib and can thus be secured with only simple battening

New Nolco-RIBLoad distributing protective covering for shock, impact and weather sensitive goods

Nolco-RIB is a packaging material made of hardboard strips laminated on both sides forming a lamellar structure. As it is manufactured in running lengths of 156 m, the required length can be individually and flexibly determined in accordance with the dimensions of the packaged goods to be protected. Nolco-RIB is available in widths from 100 to 8,000 mm and therefore suitable as a homogeneous packaging material even for long products. It protects surfaces against shock and impact as well as other physical influences and is also used for the load-distributing wrapping and bundling of different objects.

In the picture, a department manager at Nordic Woodfibre is sitting at his desk waiting to be contacted while his team holds a meeting in the background. The company manufactures slat packaging and all employees are busy performing their tasks. The department manager seems to be deep in thought and concentrates on his work.

Nordic Woodfibre

+45 5628 7444

Why New Nolco-RIB is the World’s Best Lamella Packaging

Top shot of interlinked lamellas

Interlinked lamellas – means a stronger packaging!

Top shot of the glued lamella surface of New Nolco-RIB

Full coverage glue lamination – which means that the whole and each lamella is fully glued!

New Nolco-RIB glued lamella sheets

Interconnected sheets strongly glued – between the boards we also glue for stronger protection.

New revolutionary production methods

  • reduces CO2-footprint by more than 92%
  • > 98% material used are from renewable sources
  • Energy 100% CO2-compensated by new tree planting
Climate certificate from scanergi 2023 with a green background, a white tree on the left and text to the right "2023: We plant CLIMATE Forest in Denmark to absorb CO₂ and increase biodiversity".

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Product Benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to close with simple tools
  • Fast and easy one-man handling
  • Protection against impact and shock effects
  • Prevents scratches on the packed product due to inside lamination with kraft paper
  • Surface protection against climate, oil, water and UV radiation
  • Mechanical shock absorber (forklift)
  • Low weight: only 2.4 Kg/m²
  • No nails, staples, splinters required – no risk of damage to the packed goods
  • Environment friendly – Main components made of 100 % woodfibre produced from wood residues

Saves ...

  • 70 % working time (vs. wood) – you simply wrap it around your product and strap it!
  • 40 % material vs. wood
  • Less waste – because of cut-to-size widths
  • storage – less space required

Delivery forms

  • Lamella width: 30 mm
  • Only 6 mm spacing
  • Lamellas are only glued and the glue is heat-resistant
  • Widths: 100 up to 8,000 mm
  • Standard lengths: 156 m zig-zag folded or 78 m in rolls


  • Cover or strapping underlayer
  • Coils, rollers, tubes, bars, rods, machine parts, components
The pipes are sheathed with Nolco-Rib to distribute the load.
Long rolls are securely packed on two pallets and prepared for transport. Nolco Rib serves as a base for strapping.
Nolco-RIB is in as-delivered condition and is zig-zag folded.

Product data sheets