Nolco by Nordic Woodfibre

The perfect protection: flexible, endless, rollable, foldable

Nolco Industrial Packaging is used for the transportation, handling, and storage of heavy and long goods, but also increasingly for lighter products that require a versatile “covering.” They protect many different kinds of goods against pressure, shock, impact, deformation, surface damage, and high stacking loads.

Nolco products serve as a cover, interlayer or bottom layer, or as a partial protection for particularly sensitive sections, and of course as a full-surface cover. They replace a variety of conventional packaging, including wooden boxes, frames, and covers, as well as cardboard and slats. Nolco can also prevent damage from breaking and bending of packaged goods, as well as damage to the surface resulting from various mechanical and physical influences, such as impacts, shocks, or strapping. Nolco products are therefore effective protection against complaints and the resulting costs.

Depending on requirements, Nolco products can protect individual goods or entire product bundles.

Fast handling guaranteed!

Nolco products facilitate and speed up the packaging process. Each Nolco product can easily be applied  depending on the dimensions of the packaged goods and the type of packaging employed. These properties are the result of well-planned combinations of materials. Nolco products consist of pressed wood-fiber material, either hard or soft and correspondingly elastic depending on requirements, combined with specific interior and exterior lamination.


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