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Nordic Woodfibre

We are a Danish manufacturer of packaging for heavy industrial goods. Our management and production is based in Hårlev, 50 kilometers south of Copenhagen. Production employs hard and soft fiber panels of different thicknesses. We produce our products in three production lines, which allow for very flexible design possibilities.

  • Founded in 1988

Our core production concept is to produce flexible wood panels and use them to develop innovative potential applications. From this idea, we developed our special production expertise in grooving, cutting, laminating, and marketing clever packaging products – available in any length desired, folded like a concertina on pallets.

With our wood-fiber-based products Nolco-Flex, Nolco-Rib and Nolco-Pack, we offer a wide range of packaging alternatives to protect a wide variety of goods. We are also fully able to meet specific individualized requirements for product and surface protection.

In many cases, our product solutions replace conventional packaging products. The main users are companies in the cable, steel, aluminum, piping, and pole industries, as well as mechanical and electrical engineering companies. Many customers from other fields also use the unique capabilities of our products to provide mechanical protection of surfaces and product structures. We deliver our products to customers in Europe, Korea, Australia, and the Middle East.


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