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Protective casing for shock-, pressure-, surface- and weather-sensitive goods

Nordic Woodfibre

The Nordic way of packaging


Load distributing protective covering for shock, impact and weather sensitive goods


Nordic WoodfibreFlexible protection for heavy & sensitive goods

Our Nolco brand lamella packaging offers optimum protection for heavy and sensitive goods. They provide effective impact protection and are particularly suitable for uniform packaged goods.

The light and flexible wooden sheathing made of hard wood fibre or MDF adapts to your packaged goods thanks to the flexible slats and serves, for example, as roller packaging, cable packaging or pipe packaging.

The lamella packaging is available in various thicknesses and with different surface laminations, for example PE coating with fabric reinforcement against moisture.

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The blue silhouette of a Viking symbolises the Nordic way of packaging with a focus on sustainability, dynamism and flexibility in lamella packaging

Our products

The right packaging for every requirement. Nolco Industrial Packaging is used for the transportation, handling, and storage of heavy and long goods, but also increasingly for lighter products that require a versatile “covering.” They protect many different kinds of goods against pressure, shock, impact, deformation, surface damage, and high stacking loads.

Nolco-FLEX Product View - Protect your fragile goods from impact, pressure, surface and weather conditions with the rugged Nolco-Flex protective jacket.
Nolco Flex Protective Sleeve in Use - See the impact of the rugged Nolco Flex system in packaging large cable drums.
Nolco-RIB Product View - Flexible protection for uniform, heavy and fragile goods.
Nolco RIB protective sleeve in use - See the impact of the rugged Nolco RIB system when packing large axles and shafts.
 Nolco logo icon - Three interlocking circles forming the Nolco logo.

About us

We are a Danish manufacturer, based 50 km south of Copenhagen. Since 1988 we have specialized in the production of lamella packaging which protects against pressure, shock, impact, deformation, surface damage, and high stacking loads.

Our products consist of pressed woodfibre material and are available in widths up to 8m, zig-zag folded on pallets. Our customers are companies in the cable, steel, aluminium, piping, and rods industries, as well as mechanical and electrical engineering companies.

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Dänische Häuser in Dünen
Safely Transport a Nolco Flex-Protected Reel - See how a reel is prepared for safe transport by the reliable Nolco Flex protective cover.
A Viking shield symbolizing "The Nordic Way of Packaging".

The Nordic way of packaging

Over 30 years of experience in lamella packaging

  • Flexible and cut-to-size production
  • Sales to more than 50 countries around the world
  • Lean and effective processes