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Load distributing protective covering for shock, impact and weather sensitive goods

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Nolco-Rib is a packaging material made of a hardboard strip laminated on both sides forming a lamellar structure. As it is manufactured in endless strips, the required length can be individually and flexibly determined in accordance with the dimensions of the packaged goods to be protected. Nolco-Rib is selectable in widths from 100 to 8,000 mm and therefore suitable as a homogeneous packaging material even for long products. It protects surfaces against shock and impact as well as other physical influences and is also used for the load-distributing wrapping and bundling of different objects.



  • extremely pressure-resistant, very good load distribution properties
  • protection against impact and shock effects
  • can be sealed and fastened with simple materials
  • constant mechanical properties even when climate changes and exposed to UV radiation
  • packaging structure remains intact when unpacking
  • homogeneous material without splinters, can be fastened without nails, staples, etc.
  • no additional treatment against pests necessary
  • environmentally friendly, produced from wood residues
  • full and partial covering possible
  • small storage space requirements
  • easy to use 


  • cover or strapping underlayer
  • packing or bundling of products of different diameters
  • protection, transport and shipping packaging for surface- and pressure-sensitive goods in the cable and steel industry and the metal, plastic, paper, textile and electronics manufacturing industries
  • reliable, load-distributing protection, for example for:
    cables and other coiled goods coils,
    rollers, rods, tubes
    machine parts and components

Delivery forms 

  • material thickness: 4 mm, lamella width: 30 mm, lamella spacing: 6 mm
  • smallest moldable inner diameter: 30 mm
  • available widths: 100–8,000 mm
    outside liner: Kraft paper with PE coating and PP-fabric reinforcement, blue or brown
    inside liner: Kraft paper with PE coating, oil-repellent
  • standard length: 156 running meters
  • accordion-folded, endless, on pallet
  • pallet height: 80 cm gross 

Technical specification 

  • material weight: 2.7 kg/m²
  • odour: neutral/woody
  • storage: -10 to 80 °C
  • humidity: no influence when stored under roof
  • ignition temperature: 300 °C
  • necessary precautions: none a not
  • health hazard, no hazard from contact with skin or inhalation
  • disposal by landfill or incineration 


  • material thickness of 3 mm: Material Weight 2.4 kg/m²
  • outside liner: kraft paper with PE coating and PE-woven fabric (blue, white), tear-resistant kraft paper with PE coating, oil-repellent
  • rolls: max. 1,200 mm width, 78 running meters per roll

Depending on the quantity, all Nolco-Rib types are available with individualized color or printing on the outside liner


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