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Light and robust top cover and interlayer

Nolco-Pack is square cut and serves as a top cover, interlayer, and edge protection for large rolls or cylindrical products stored and transported upright. The core of the product is four soft wood fiber panels, which combined form a square and are laminated on both sides. Nolco-Pack can be bent easily around the coil edge at the corners, adapts to the shape of the packed material, and creates no protrusions.

Nolco pack, cover, liner and edge protector


  • protection against impact, shock, vibration, and high stacking loads
  • no additional protection board between coil and top cover required
  • low material consumption, since it is flexibly adaptable
  • soft, flexible design
  • constant mechanical properties even when climate changes and exposed to UV radiation
  • PE-coated external lamination protects against weather influences
  • reusable
  • can be sealed and fastened with simple materials
  • only one dimension for different coil diameters
  • homogeneous material, no hazard from splinters, safely fastened without staples and nails
  • no additional treatment against pests necessary
  • environmentally friendly, produced from wood residues 


  • cover and liner for all types of coils and other cylindrical products
  • suitable as a substitute for wooden tops

Delivery forms 

  • material thickness: 10 mm
  • 3 standard dimensions:
    1,000 x 1,000 mm, 100 pcs/pallet (15 grooves for diameters 758–992 mm)
    1,200 x 1,200 mm, 100 pcs/pallet (15 grooves for diameters 898–1,132 mm)
    1,900 x 1,900 mm, 50 pcs/pallet (15 grooves for diameters 1,398–1,632 mm)
  • outside liner: Kraft paper with PE coating and PP-fabric reinforcement, brown
  • inside liner: Kraft paper with PE coating, oil-repellent
  • pallet height: 120 cm gross 

Technical specification 

  • material weight: 3.25 kg/m²
  • odour: neutral/woody
  • storage: -10 to 80 °C
  • humidity: no influence when stored under roof
  • ignition temperature: 300 °C
  • necessary precautions: none
  • not a health hazard, no hazard from contact with skin or inhalation
  • disposal by landfill or incineration 


  • also available without inner lamination
  • individually customized (square dimensions of min. 800 x 800 mm to max. 1,950 x 1,950 mm are possible)

Depending on the quantity, Nolco-Pack is available with individualized color or printing on the outside liner.


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